Margibi Labor Commissioner Warns Against Bad Labor Practices

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The Labor Commissioner of Margibi County, Anthony O. Moses has warned against bad Labor practices, threatening to fine those involved or shut down their entities.

Mr. Moses in an interview with this writer earlier this week said there are some Liberian own entities that are involved in the act of carrying out bad labor practices against their own people adding that it is not only Foreign Companies that are carrying on the act in the County.

According to him, there are some mineral water companies that are involved in bad Labor practices. He explained that one of those water Companies is paying each of its employee seventy-five Liberian dollars a day but said he could not disclose the name of said Company because he is collecting all the facts.

The Margibi Labor Boss narrated that these are areas they are targeting because these are some of the areas that bad labor practices are found and not much attention is given to them. He averred that sometimes the multi-million dollar Companies are a focus because they are foreign-based Companies.

Mr. Moses disclosed that Liberians are their own problem on grounds that one Liberian will hire the service of their fellow citizen and want to gain more profit out of them but wants the multi-million dollar Companies pressurized.

He further intoned that the County is the epic center of Labor cases because it is an industrial belt adding, ‘where you have intense labor you always have bad labor practices and wrongful dismissal’.

He stated that there are lots of labor cases that have been taken to his office some of which have been adjudicated, with several others still on his docket.

Mr. Moses added that there are some new things in the labor law that have not been introduced in Margibi and his office is trying to have them introduced noting that most of those who are hiring workers do not know the labor law.

“Our labor law or the decent work act says if any entity is hiring workers it should obtain a labor permit but most people don’t know and so we are creating awareness and by January the law will be enforced,” he said.

He asserted that there are more Companies that are playing on Liberian workers interns of wages and working condition because they are not known or because they do not have a work permit and are not recognized but just hires people and pays them randomly.

The Labor Commissioner stated that the work permit allows them to know the entity, the condition of the workers and how their affairs are handled something he said they are working on up to January of 2019.

He also said his office has started collecting the copy of the personnel listings of the various entities which will enable his office to know whether those that are employed are Liberians, or there are ECOWAS citizens. He said the data will also enable them know the salary as well as advise those entities and by that, the issue of bad labor practices will be minimized.

He then threatened to fine or shut down those entities that will be found in the act of carrying on bad labor practices as of January 2019 including schools.

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