Raji’s First Axe Falls On LFA Competition Director


Just two days after his take over, the new President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Mustapha I. Raji seems to have begun instituting measures he said are aimed at “cleaning the mess” at the LFA.

Following his election on Saturday, LFA President Mustapha Raji said

“If you think you came to the LFA for money, you have to send in your resignation letter now because we’ve come to work.”

24 hours after the statement, the LFA Director for Competitions, Matthew Diggs gets an indefinite suspension for what the Local Football House called “breach of ethics.

A Statement from the LFA said

“The Liberia Football Association has suspended its Director of Competitions Matthew G. Diggs for time indefinite without compensation”.

According to the statement, Mr. Diggs is been accused of a “significant breach of ethics” for allegedly receiving money from teams and awarding them slots into the LFA league.

In a communication to the Director of Competitions, Secretary General Emmanuel Deah said:

“This letter is to inform you that as a result of the information ascertained by the LFA, which it considers detrimental to this institution, the LFA is left with no alternative but to suspend
you with immediate effect without pay for time indefinite pending an investigation”.

The statement added that when the investigation is completed, Diggs will be contacted and findings outlined to him.

The LFA noted that should Mr. Diggs be found innocent, he will return to work immediately, however, if the LFA considers the need for disciplinary action he would be advised accordingly.

The communication sent to Mr. Diggs concluded that he may attend matches but will not be allowed to enter the playing area of the field.

The LFA has however failed to name some of the teams Matthew Diggs collected money from to hand them slots in the LFA league.

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