In Nimba, Angry Crowd Mobbed ‘Madman’ To Death


Reports coming from Ganta, Nimba County have it that, a 24-year-old man believed to be mentally ill has been beaten to death by angry mob.

According to a local media correspondent in the county, the ‘madman’ was mistaken to be a thief by the angry mob. The Correspondent said the crowd was chasing a notorious criminal identified as Nelson Gono, but the thief who ran into the direction of the ‘madman’ escaped and the crowd bombed into the innocent ‘madman’ and mobbed him to death as he pleaded for rescue.

According to the correspondent, the incident occurred at 4 am on Thursday, September 13, 2018 on the Ganta, Sanniquellie highway.

Nelson Gono, 28, a resident of Small Ganta Community, allegedly stole a goat on the Ganta-Sanniquellie high-way and was in route back to Ganta when the angry crowd started chasing him.

Suspect Nelson Gono who was later grabbed and beaten by another angry crowd is seeking medical treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital while the body of the ‘madman’ has been laid to rest.

The Correspondent said there has been no arrest made so far by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) following the death of the ‘madman.’

The death of the ‘madman,’ according to the correspondent, brings to eight, the number of people who have reportedly been flogged to death by angry crowd in Nimba County.

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  1. Tell your reporters not be writing their names on other people story.This is intellectual crime. Ex:Source: Franklin Doloque

  2. Siafa, you are a University graduate and you still behave like someone in nursery. Did you read the content of the story? Have you consider this part of the story that says:”according to a local media correspondent in the county”?… you are a fool Siafa.

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