Soonyea Citizens Cry For Safe Drinking Water


Citizens of Soonyea Town located in Panta district #4 in upper Bong County are appealing to government and other philanthropist organization for the provision of safe drinking water in the area.

The citizens in tears said they are finding it very difficult to have access to safe drinking water, especially during this rainy season.
Speaking to The Monrovia Times in an exclusive interview in the town, the general town chief Mr. JK You-away said the town lacks access to safe drinking water, clinic and school.

The Soonyea town chief further said citizens of the town usually fetch water in bushes which he said is causing serious health hazard in the town among children and adults.

Mr. You-away speaking on the issue of medication said as a result of the lack of health facilities in the area, sick people are often taking in a hammock to Jorwah clinic in Panta district #4 which is about 1: 30 minutes walk to the area due to the lack of roads.

He said, “ when someone gets sick in this area, we have to transport them by the way of hammocks to Jorwah clinic, if the person is critically ill; the nurses have to call for an ambulance to convey that critical person to CB Dunbar hospital or Phebe hospital.”

He, at the same time, said due to the lack of school in the area school going children under the ages of 8,9 and 12 are not going to school due to the distant they have to cover, adding that except children who are 14 to 15 years old are attending school in Jorwah Town in Panta district#4 in Bong County.

Residents of the town speaking in a very sad mood said the inability of the Liberian government to provide those needed facilities is a clear manifestation that they have been marginalized.

According to them, the absence of these social needs are posing threat to their wellbeing, thereby causing their children to grow uneducated and at the same time barricading their economy gains, as well as causing them an unbearable health disaster, describing it as a total mien of depression upon them as citizens living in that part of the country.

The citizens who believe that their rights to have access to equal opportunity have been violated over several years are seeking a timely solution to these problems that continue to worry them on a daily basis.

They were full of sorrows over their living condition spelling to reporters that they on many occasions seek assistance from some government Officials but to no avail.

An investigation conducted by the Monrovia Times prevails that those who are expected to be in school have all become farmers and some are now having babies by chance, evidenced by the absence of school.

Soonyea Town is in electoral district four and is been represented by Hon. Robert Womba at the National Legislature.

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