“Prince Johnson Kill My Father”Decease Son Petitioned Legislature To Probe Senator


The son of the late Joseph S. Kanneh, a former Assistant Minister of State for Logistics, has petitioned the Legislature to question Senator Prince Y. Johnson as to where the Nimba Lawmaker deposited the body of his father after he was murder on September 9, 1990.

In a three- page petitioned document presented to the House of Representatives recently, Joseph Sunnae Kannah, Jr. claimed his father was brutally murder by the former INPFL General who is now a member of the legislature.

In the petition, a copy which is in the possession of this paper, the son of the late Joseph S. Kanneh explained that his father was assassinated when General Prince Y. Johnson carry out a genocide at the Freeport of Monrovia with his team of militias.

He said as the eldest son of his father nine siblings, he cannot easily forget how his father was killed in cold blood by the hands of the Nimba County Senator and is calling on the Legislature to help him locate the burial site of his father.

“I am surviving the terror of such casualty with so many dangerous memories but today with delight,” he said.
“I have come on behalf of the Kannah’s family to petition your honorable body in accordance with Article one of the Liberian Constitution which gives power to the people, as well as one of the fundamental pillars of the Pro-Poor Agenda. I want this body to please intervene and render me justice by querying Senator Johnson to kindly disclose where he did place the mortal remains of my late father,” he added.

According to Joseph S. Kannah Jr., he cannot continue to live with such trauma especially when the killer of his late father is still masquerading the country without justice being served.

He said every time he wakes up in the morning the scene of the brutal killing of his father appears visible in his memory making him feel uncomfortable for days.

“My desire to pay homage to my father was stimulated on Sunday, September 9, 2018, when one of my sisters asked: where are the grave of those whom we are memorializing? This sparked a great grief and sorrow in our minds as children and relatives of the deceased. The scene was filled with sympathy as most of those who gathered were young people who lost their entire livelihoods. There was a huge wave of crying as many of us wanted to actually place our flowers over the graves of our loved ones but this was to no avail,” he stated through the petitioned.

Kanneh Jr. who did CC- copies of his petition to other local and international governmental institutions operating in Liberia, also called on the legislature to subscribe to the calls of those calling for the establishment of War Crimes Court in the country.

According to him, with the establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia, people who perpetrated heinous crimes against the civilian population of the country doing the war days will not go with impunity for their actions.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has confirmed receiving the petitioned of Mr. Joseph S. Kanneh Jr. but promised to make a determination on the document upon the body’s return from its annual break in January of 2019.

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