CDC Youth-League Condemns Fahngon Action, Hails Legislature Decision, But…


The youth league of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has hailed President George M. Weah for allowing the rule of law to prevail following the recent fracas between a member of the Executive Branch of government and the House of Representatives.

Recently, the House of Representatives in an effort to act upon a complaint which was submitted by one of its members, Bomi County Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe against a member of the executive, Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon, declared the Deputy Information Minister as a “non-governmental material” with additional two days imprisonment.

The action of the House which created serious public outcry among Liberians is, however, being welcomed by the ruling Party youth league.

Addressing a press conference recently, CDC-Youth League General Secretary, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson said, the party is not deterred by the House decision and appreciates the Commander In Chief for allowing the Legislature to play its role as the first branch of government.

“The Youth League wants to commend the Government of Liberia under the able leadership of President George M. Weah for the unprecedented level of democratic truism exhibited thus far; which have seen the uninterrupted exercise of separation of power among the three distinct branches of government. The need to have a united front as a government in order to foster a concrete state of governance and usher in a developmental approach for the well-being of the Liberian people cannot be overly emphasized. For too long as a nation, we have allowed cheap politics, pettiness and self-interested quest to outshine and outlive the true essence of being in political authorities, which is, seeking the general welfare of the people,” the CDC-Youth League Secretary-General stated through an official statement read to members of the press.

“As a true patriot and a president who believes in the rule of law, President Weah has continued to demonstrate his sincere sense of upholding the constitution of Liberia, thus erasing the culture of domineer presidency that was exhibited by previous regime most especially the dying Unity Party of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,” he added.

According to the CDC – Youth League, though they welcome the decision of the Legislature, they also strongly condemned the creeping menace of ‘divide and rule’ ideology that has been allegedly propagated by Bomi County District #1 Representative, Edwin M. Snowe Jr.

The CDC-Youth League Secretary-General further explains: “The Youth League has always detested the character in Hon. Snowe dating as far as history is a concern, most especially when he took on the new venture into the field of amateur photographing of our political leader now president of Liberia sometimes back while on their way to Zurich, Switzerland. We don’t want to be reminded of the Palava Hut scenario that eventually breeds a great division between the Executive and the legislative branch of government.

Consequently, the Youth League continues to be highly enthusiastic about collaborating with individuals for the good of the CDC’s led government and we see the legislature as a great partner in promoting the government’s
“Pro-Poor” agenda. But make no mistake, the attitude of individuals who like to be seen in the habit of sowing the seeds of discord among our partisans will remain under the highest level of scrutiny and there is absolutely no debate or uncertainty about the deadly political machination in Snowe.”

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