Govt. ‘Lambasted’ – As Money Containers Disappears


With the current trend of corruption allegations being levied against the newly inaugurated Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government following just nine months in power, it appears as though Liberians are gradually losing interest in the new administration for its failure to carry out a comprehensive financial audit of the past government.

On early Tuesday morning, Liberians home and abroad became shocked over the news that about 15 to 16 billion Liberian dollars which were stockpiled in containers disappears at the Freeport of Monrovia and the Robert International Airport (RIA).

Both the Ministries of Justice and Information have confirmed the disappearance of the money containers and have called on the Liberian populace to remain calm as investigation is being conducted to identify those behind the theft.

Speaking to state Radio (ELBC) following the confirmation of the missing container by the Ministry of Justice, Information Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe said the disappearance of the missing containers was first discovered by the former government and it should not be the current administration that must take the blame.

According to Minister Nagbe, over the last eleven months (November 2017 – September 2018), the government were able to formulate a dragnet that will in the soonest possible time expose those responsible for stealing the money containers.

Minister Nagbe who also served in his same capacity in the past administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf intoned that, President Weah is concerned about the situation and is hoping to receive fact finding from the ongoing investigation that is being conducted by the Ministry of Justice and other national security apparatus in the country.

Though these are words of encouragement from the Information Minister, most Liberians are still greatly disturb about the news and have taking the airwaves of local radio stations and social media to express their disenchantments.

This is how Morris Dickson and other Liberians who called on the Liberty Radio Morning Show address themselves to the situations.

“This is totally disgraceful to us as a people, you mean containers of money got missing from the port without the government knowing. This can’t be true!” Dickson averred.

“The Minister cannot say this current government is just getting to know about this incident,” Kpanah Ylah, a caller from 4th Street Sinkor intoned.

“From November to September is enough time for you to come up with a finding; something is behind this investigation delay,” She added.

Nicholas Appleton, a New Georgia Estate resident emphasized: “We trust George Weah that’s why we voted him, if he will allow some corrupt element to pollute his government, he can go ahead to shield them, but we are watching closely.”

Opposition Leader, Alexander B. Cummings has heavily criticized the government’s stand on the matter and is calling on the public to the mandate government to fast-strike its report of the investigation.

Speaking on a local radio Tuesday, the Alternative National Congress Leader blamed President George Manneh Weah for not carrying out a comprehensive audit of the past regime, stating that, the Liberian leader is responsible for what has happened to the country’s suffering population.

“We should not sit here and pretend that everything is okay when it is not. We should all hold this current government responsible for what is happening in our country,” the ANC Political leader told Sky Fm morning show (50-50).

“This has given our country a bad image and all Liberians must be alarmed about this situation,” he accentuated.

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