More Trouble For Suspended Matthew Diggs

The President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Mustapha I. Raji has instructed the suspended Director of Competitions Matthew Diggs and the former Chairman of the Montserrado County Sub Association Josiah Toe to restitute monies the two allegedly embezzled from the LFA youth league.

According to the LFA, Mr. Mathew Diggs and Mr. Josiah Toe are to with immediate effect restitute the money they allegedly embezzled from the National 3rd Division Championship Registration fees in the past season.

The two individuals are to account for Four Hundred Forty Thousand Liberian Dollars (LRD440, 000.00).

Both Mr. Diggs and Mr. Toe have been informed that failure to restitute the money, further administrative actions will be taken against them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Toe has been relieved of his position as Chairman of the
Montserrado County Sub Association and reassign to his previous position as Chairman of LFA West-Clara Sub Committee.

Diggs, who was recently suspended, is undergoing probe into the entering of four new clubs in the Liberia Football Association Second division.

The two men have acknowledged the latest action from the LFA President, but have chosen to stay tight-lip on the issue.

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