US Treasury, FBI And IMF To Assist With Investigation Says Justice Ministry


The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice has invited representatives of several institutions to form part of the current investigative team to ascertain the real facts behind the disappearance of 16-billions Liberians dollars.

The Institutions invited are the National Bar Association, the National Civil Society Organization, and the Federation of Liberian Youth.

Others are the Association of Liberian Certified Public Accountants, the Liberia Council of Churches and the National Muslim Council of Liberia.

The Justice Ministry release issued late Wednesday evening also requests the assistance of the United States Treasury Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the International Monetary Fund into the ongoing investigation.

The release notes that the investigation is for the purpose of adequately accounting for all flaws of monies printed and brought into the country between 2016 and 2018.

The Ministry of Justice added that the investigation is critical to the formulation of and implementation of a credible and robust monetary and macroeconomic policy in the years ahead.

The release discloses that by encouraging all citizens to cooperate with the investigation and the public will be duly updated as the investigation continues.

Meanwhile the Chair on National security at the House of Representatives, Alfred Koiwood is recommending house arrest for the fifteen individuals linked to the missing container of sixteen billion Liberia Dollars.

The Gbarpolu County representative wants officials charged with the responsibility to investigate the issue be mindful, noting that the act is an organized crime that involves insiders.

He wants the officials from the CBL, Free Port of Monrovia, Customs Broker officer and officers that escorted the container to be monitored by the national securities pending investigation.

Speaking Wednesday in Monrovia, Representative Koiwood called on investigators to first establish as to who authorized the printing of the banknotes either the past or the current government must be made public.

The Gbarpolu County representative, however, welcomes the mineral swab agreement with the country natural resources for 2. 5 billion United States Dollars with the People’s Republic of China.

Koiwood said the agreement is in the best interest of the country, something he said will put to an end the illegal mining activities across the country.

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