“Exonerated” Jerry Yeke Returns To The Whistle

Liberia Deputy Chief Football Referee Jerry Yeke has resumed officiating games in Liberia after he was acquitted by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) from any wrongdoing in the Anas A. Anas film.

Jerry Yeke returned to the match action five days after his provisional suspension from Caf was lifted by Caf.

Yeke officiated the Liberia Football Association Special Knockout second-round match Wednesday between Nimba United and second division boys Bea Mountain.

The game which took place at the ATS in Central Monrovia saw Bea Mountain eliminating one of the knockout favorites Nimba United.

Bea Mountain won the Nimba United side 3-0 in an entertaining match.

Yeke was praised by spectators and his colleagues for his fine performance in that match, despite issuing a red card to Nimba United.

Just before the match, the head of the Liberia Football Referee Association (LIFRA) commended Yeke for his honest role he always exhibits whenever he’s on international assignment.

LIFRA President retired Fifa badged Referee Cllr. Joseph Kollie said, “Jerry’s exoneration by Caf is a victory for a Liberian football and referees”.

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