National Civil Society Council of Liberia Terms As Serious And Grave The Missing L$16Billion Revelations

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The National Civil Society Council of Liberia has termed as serious and grave unfolding revelations about the sixteen billion Liberian dollars that reportedly got missing in a container in Liberia.

The group in a press release disclosed that the revolutions undermines the fight for transparency, accountability and the rule of law and have the potential to undermine the integrity and credibility of the CDC-Led Government.

“These revelations are coming at a time when the government is struggling to allocate resources to pay civil servants, improve health care, education, infrastructure development and provide the needed social services, at the same time seeking international support to implement national development programs,” National Civil Society Council of Liberia said in the release.

The Council in the document indicated that its attention has been drawn to the September 18, 2018 edition of the FrontPage Newspaper publication entitle, “who is responsible for the missing billions” and the Ministry of Justice Press Release confirming an ongoing investigation surrounding the arrival and missing of money in the Country.

According to the group, FrontPage Africa newspaper, September 18, 2018, edition revealed that a request to enter the port and take delivery of printed materials on March 31, 2018 was reportedly written by Mrs. Mariea E. Grigsby-Toe, Director, General Services, Musulyn R.B. Jackson, Oldada Deshield and five others of the CBL, who reportedly took delivery of the container.

The Council in the release told President George M. Weah, that there is no second chance to recapture opportunity that is mismanaged thereby calling on him to take the necessary actions to rescue the nation and save the forward movement of the country.

It says the missing money has gone global and may have far-reaching effects as he travels to the UN General Assembly and if not adequately handle it has the propensity to overshadow the country’s international relevance.

The Council is meanwhile calling on Liberians to monitor the movement of strangers with huge money in their communities, monitor the banking institutions and people leaving the country should be properly checked to make sure they are not taking huge money away from the Country.

The National Civil Society Council urged the President to immediately take leadership of the issue, hold a press conference and directly speak to the Liberian people on the status of the economy of the country and further request the immediate establishment of an independent investigative body to conduct a forensic investigation into the saga within the time limit.

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