Veteran Liberian Journalist Philibert Brown Expresses Fear Of Losing His Life

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One of the men of who broke the news over the disappearance of 16-billion Liberian dollars from the country has expressed fear for his life over the continuous call by unknown individuals threatening to destroy him and his family.

His comment comes in the wake of calls from Liberians on the government to produce the missing billions of Liberian dollars.

Philibert Brown, a Veteran Liberian Journalist told the VOA Thursday that his children are no longer going to school due to fear of being killed.

He explained that on Wednesday, his wife had an encounter with some men who had gone to look for him and his family at her shop in Central Monrovia something he said prompted him to inform the Liberia National Police.

He added that his Paynesville residence is currently being barricaded by officers of the LNP.

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