LEGIT Donates to Local Government in Bong

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The Local Empowerment for Government Inclusion and Transparency (LEGIT) in Collaboration with USAID donated several types of equipment to the administration of the Local Government of Bong County

Making the donation on behalf of LEGIT, Paul J. Kaiser said the donation is intended to buttress the administration of Bong county efforts in caring on their day to day activities.

He said the county needs some essential materials that will allow citizens to actively participate in the decision making processes of the county.
Equipments that were donated are a generator, computer, printer, projector, digital camera, and recharge cards.

According to Mr. Kaiser the stationary and office supplies are provided to assist the Bong County Local Government Administration in the collection, analyzing and storing of data; maintain records and prepare reports on citizens’ participation in the county Development Fund project planning and implementation.

Mr. Kaiser at the same time said the generator and Public address (PA) system are provided as a means of enhancing sensitization on citizen’s roles in County Development Fund project planning, implementation and monitoring in Bong County.

Receiving the pieces of equipment on behalf of the county leadership, Bong county superintendent Esther Walker thanked the staffers of the Local Empowerment for government Inclusion and Transparency and promised to effectively use the materials for it purpose intended.

She described the donation as timely on grounds that the local government in the county has been in desperate need of those materials.
She, however, appeals to other non-governmental organization to help the local authorities in the county in order for their working activities to be smooth.

Madam Walker said with the donation made thus far will give the local leaders a better chance of exercising their functions as local in the county.

She at the same time called on other well-meaning citizens in the county to emulate LEGIT and USAID in order to help improve the various local offices for the overall betterment of the county.

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