“We Should all Care For The Zogos”

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The Founder and Vision Bearer of the Mot. Victoria M.B. Young Charity and Memorial Institute, Matthew Deljay is calling on Liberians to try as much as possible in helping to transform those that are finding it difficult in improving their livelihoods across the country.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend in Monrovia, Deljay said it should be the primary concern of everyone to help those that are in need and not just the government taking on the bulk of the responsibilities.

He said as the famous saying goes “Is not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” it is imperative that each and every Liberian rise up to the occasion by making meaningful contributions in the life of people living in the streets so that they (Zogos, Destitute, Orphans) too can have the opportunity to contribute to society.

According to Deljay, a one-time radio personality at defunct UNMIL Radio, he got the inspiration of helping people when he was brought up by Mother Victoria M.B. Young, 96, who took him from the slum and grow him to what he is today.

He said as a young boy, mother young who will be turning ninety-seven in the coming days, were able to successfully raised him and other kids who were mostly destitute and were able to encourage them that they too could make meaningful contributions to society as long as they were determined despite their backgrounds.

“At the age of nine years old, she took me along with some of my friends from the street in 1990 and the first world she told us was Jesus loves us,” Deljay explains his mouth-watering life story to journalists on early Friday (Sept. 21, 2018) morning.

“When she said Jesus love us we did not understand what she was talking about at first, but now it has become evident. Today, I and all my friends that were raised by mother Young are doing well in the society. Despite our backgrounds, we are making significant gains in the society than others who claimed they have everything at their disposal today,” he added.

The Mother Victoria M.B. Young Charity vision bearer is meanwhile calling on all Liberians to take a cue from his mentor, by helping the government cater to the welfare of Liberians that are in dying need of making their life’s better.

He said with the current state of the country, where young people in their numbers are taking drugs and being involved in dangerous activities, it is important for those (Liberians) that are in the position to help these young people show up so that the country can have a future of young people who are drug free.

“I was telling somebody the other day that fifteen years from now Liberia will burn and the person ask how will that happen? I said to him, Liberia will burn if we as a people do not rise up to help our young people who are mostly not educated of their constitutional rights; most of them nowadays are used by politicians and other people to get to where they want to get to. If the young people of this country is not giving the opportunity to learn and have a better life, this country will burn and there will be nothing we can do about it,” he accentuated.

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