“We Need Our Share Of The Alleged Missing Money” Disbanded AFL Soldiers Tell Government

The Disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia has branded those allegedly link to the missing billions of Liberian dollars as wicked politicians while calling on the Weah government to provide their share of the Liberian dollars.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia Monday, two officials of the group noted that for several years’ government have reneged to pay their benefit, describing the latest revelation of the missing money as “God own way of exposing evil people” in Liberia.

The Disbanded soldiers have meanwhile called for a speedy investigation into the alleged disappearance of the money, adding that the outcome borders on the peace and stability of the country.

Colonel Wollo Nagbe and Alexander Geor maintained that they will remain engage with government in order to ascertain the whereabouts of the alleged mission billions of Liberian dollars.

Speaking further, the two men want the government to provide maximum security for one of their colleagues’ Journalist Philipbert Brown who broke the news over the disappearance of the money.

“He is one of us, over the years he advocated for our wellbeing. Don’t harm him for rightfully informing the people of Liberia.”

The Former Soldiers want the government to institute the necessary measure gear towards preserving the lives of Journalist Philipbert Brown and family.

They also threatened unspecified actions against the government if anything negative happens to Journalist Brown.

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