Clubs Agreed To End LKF League At First Phase


Reports coming in from the corridor of Liberian Kickball says the stakeholders and executives of the Federation have agreed to end the 2018 National Kickball League at the close of the first phase.

According to the report, Club Owners petitioned the Kickball Leadership over the weekend to end the league at the close of the first phase because clubs lack the money to field their various teams in the second phase.

Recently, there has been dissatisfaction among kickball club owners over plans to end the 2018 LKF League at the end of the first phase with some clubs in favor, while others were against.

The dissatisfaction saw strange results in matches in the closing stage of the first phase with the LKF Leadership accusing two clubs of match-fixing, and subsequently suspended from kickball activities as well as fined fifteen thousand Liberian dollars each.

The two clubs Amazon and Young Star Sports Club however appealed and the decision has been rescinded.

In the Kickball Clubs petition, they agreed that the team that finishes at the top of the league table be declared Champions for 2018 with only a trophy presented.
They also agreed that there should be no relegation that the LKF leadership promotes the team finishing as winners in the second division to the first league.

This means, Ask Sisters will retain their Championship in the first division as they are two points clear of Amazon, while unbeaten Brazilian Girls will be promoted to the first division from the second league.

According to the LKF first phase fixture, the activities concluded Sunday, September 23, 2018.
The LKF says it will give prizes, medals and trophies to winners in the knockout competition which is expected to kick off this weekend.

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