National ID Card Process Chided -As NSPL Executive Director Slams Process


The Executive Director of the National Single Parents of Liberia, Mr. Isaiah Mombo Sackor, Sr., has slammed the ongoing National Identification Card process, saying the arrangement is low on awareness as there was not ample publicity accorded the process.

Sackor said The National Identification Registry (NIR) did not create awareness as it is evidenced that most Liberians cannot read and write and difficult to get along.

He said because of the poor arrangement of the process, instead of Liberians taking advantage of such, only foreigners especially those from neighboring countries benefiting from the initiative.

He said the system is so bleak to the extent that only fellow West Africans who want to falsify Liberian citizenship are the ones that are dominating the exercise.

He called on the relevant authority concerned to revisit the inventiveness of the system.

Sackor said he received information that foreigners from other African countries, mainly West Africa are obtaining the National Identification card for only US$5.00 in a bid to create a new shortcut to becoming a ‘Liberian citizen.’

Sackor said during the 1980s when the system was first put into place, it was easy to obtain the National Identification Card because government at the time put into place rigorous measures to subvert fraud of the system.

At the time he said, the Ministry of Finance dispatched several teams all over the country such as concessions, school campuses and marketplaces to make sure that every Liberian obtains a national identification card cost.

He said the attachment of cost to the National ID Card and the lacked of decentralization of the process made it difficult for single parents who are without income and other poor Liberian families especially with a large number of children and dependents to obtain the ID Cards.

He said since the inception of the system a few years ago, many ordinary Liberians have not heard about it nor do they know where and how the process is ongoing and as such, he cautioned that an appropriate measure is meted to augment the process.

Sackor, who is a former legislative aspirant for Grand Kru County, said the situation of the national identification card is being used as a conduit to increase the Influx of Ghanaians and other immigrants heading to Liberia to do illegal mining of which Grand Kru is not an exception.
He also cautioned the Government of Liberia to revamp the system by creating enough awareness to enable ordinary Liberians to take seriously the situation by instituting security measures that will curtail the influx.

The NIR is an autonomous agency of the Government, which was created by an Act of the National Legislature in 2011 with the responsibility of designing, establishing, maintaining and administering a National Biometric Identification System (NBIS) for all citizens and residents of the Republic of Liberia.

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