Power Struggle Ensues Between Two Local Leaders In Margibi

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A power struggle has reportedly ensued between two local leaders of Weamahquelleh Clan in District #4 Margibi County with both claiming to be the heads of the Clan.

Mr. Edwin Naimah and Mr. Sackie P. Morris at a recent meeting held in the clan introduced themselves as the clan chiefs of the area thus making one of them respond to the other.

Mr. Morris has earlier on introduced himself as the Clan Chief for the area but Mr. Naimah later introduced himself as the Clan Chief for the same area and said if Mr. Morris does not know his position, he (Naimah) will show him (Sackie) his position.

One of the two local leaders, Sackie P. Morris in an interview with our reporter said as far as he is concerned; he remains the legitimate acting clan chief for Weamahquelleh Clan pending the Chieftaincy election.

Mr. Morris disclosed that he was recommended by the chief and citizens of the Clan and he got appointed prior to the 2017 general and presidential elections by the immediate past leadership of the County which was headed by its former Superintendent John Zubah Buway.

According to him, his rival Edwin Naimah’s appointment has not been approved by the CDC-led Government but admitted receiving a recommendation letter from him prepared by the Paramount Chief of Kakata Chiefdom (Fahn G. Leipolu) as it was done in his (Morris) case disclosing that Mr. Naimah has not been inducted into office.

“I saw him with a letter that he had being recommended by the same Paramount Chief who recommended me, recommending is different from appointing” he lamented.

Mr. Morris indicated that Mr. Naimah has not shown him any appointment letter stating that if he sees Mr. Naimah’s appointment letter he will not deny because he does not want to undermine anyone’s leadership.

The “Clan Chief” said he wants the Commissioner of the Township in which the Clan is located and the Kakata Chiefdom Paramount Chief to tell the citizens if there has been any change in leadership.

He disclosed that the struggle is not only between the two of them as there are other people who are eying the same position but he was recommended and appointed as such; if there is any change being made, that should be made known to the Citizens.

Sackie P. Morris said his appointment letter has not been withdrawn from him adding that the Commissioner knows that he is still the acting Clan Chief of the area.

Mr. Morris then said if he receives the letter from the current Superintendent of Margibi, Jerry Varnie that Mr. Naimah is the Clan Chief of the Clan he will honor it.

For his part, Mr. Naimah defending himself said as far as he is concerned, he is the Clan Chief of Weamahquelleh on grounds that he received recommendation letters from the Paramount Chief and the Commissioner and he was appointed by the Superintendent of the County.

“As far as I am concerned I am the Clan Chief which the Clan knows, we have no power struggle in Weamahquelleh Clan as far as I am concerned the power struggle in Weamahquelleh has been resolved.”

Mr. Naimah said Mr. Morris and some other local authorities in the area were served a copy of his appointment letter. He narrated that Mr. Morris is frustrated over his appointment that is the reason he is opposing his leadership.

He also disclosed that whenever they go to the Superintendent’s office, Morris always introducing himself as a General Town Chief. According to Mr. Naimah, his rival is not recognized in the Clan as a Clan Chief but rather General Town Chief.

Mr. Naimah meanwhile said he remains the most influential Clan Chief in the Clan admonishing them not to be deterred by political speculation which he said will be laid to rest sooner or later.

In a related development, the Commissioner of the Township, Omega Sawyer Mr. Morris was once appointed by the then administration to act pending the chieftaincy election but he was battled by other people.
He stated that Mr. Morris served in the position for two years and could not perform and when the CDC government took over, some of the citizens in the Clan petitioned Mr. Naimah to be their Clan Chief.

Commissioner Sawyer said thereafter the Paramount Chief of Kakata Chiefdom wrote him a letter recommending Mr. Naimah to occupy the position and he attested to it and sent same to the Superintendent.

He averred that the Paramount Chief also wrote a letter revoking Mr. Morris’ appointment and informed him that he as Paramount Chief has recommended Mr. Naimah to go as acting Clan Chief till the Chieftaincy election. The Commissioner at the same time promised to intervene to see how best the situation can be resolved.

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