Women For Africa Foundation To Carry Out Free Fistula Surgery In Liberia


A team of medical practitioners from the Spanish Foundation, Women for Africa is expected to arrive in Liberia between 26 October 26 to November 3, 2018 to perform free surgical operations on several women and young girls who suffer from fistula discomfort.

Fistula is a condition of permanent urine leakage which is common among women and young girls in Africa.

Women for Africa Foundation (WAF) are currently working in the areas of human rights, peace, justice and dignity for people and especially for women and girls in Africa.

A release from the ECOWAS National Office quotes Doctor Oleko George, the Liberia Coordinator of WAF, under Project STOP FISTULA, operations will take place at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Monrovia and will be done for free.

A critical aspect for the success of the mission is to identify women and young girls suffering from fistula and encourage them to benefit from these free medical operations he pointed out.

wafDoctor George also confirmed that in five years of operations, STOP FISTULA has become a referral and trusted program of prevention and treatment of Obstetrical fistula which has three pillars: Prevention, Treatment and Training and Training.

Meanwhile, Doctor George is encouraging women and young girls who are experiencing fistula discomfort to visit the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital for further information on the surgical mission.

He is, therefore, appealing to the general public to assist identify and encourage fistula sufferers throughout Liberia to take advantage of this offer and be permanently cured with surgery.

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