250 Ebola Orphans Get School Aid

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About two hundred and fifty (250) Ebola orphans have gotten reason to smile as “Inner City Missions” a special program of the Christ Embassy Church underwrites their tuitions and other costs for 2018/2019 academic school year in the country.

The tuition cost of the 250 Ebola orphans is put at thirty five thousand United States Dollars excluding the other assorted school materials which include book bags, uniform, launch kits, and copy books among others.

The Ebola orphans were drawn from several parts of Montserrado County which include Paynesville, Gardnerville, Clara town, West point, and Brewerville among others through the Ebola Survival Network of Liberia.

According to the Head Pastor of Christ Embassy in Liberia, Alfred W. Mason, the initiative is aimed at giving back hope to orphans who lost their parents during the height of the Ebola crisis in 2014.

Pastor Mason also decried the current economic crisis in the country; something which he said could hinder under-privileged parents to send their children to school.

According to him, the spirit of God laid on his heart to undertake the program which is being carried out by Christ Embassy Worldwide for the first time in Liberia due to the many challenges citizens are faced with especially Ebola orphans.

“The bible says we should be our brother’s keeper so as a church in Liberia looking at the situation, the economy and certain things that are happening in the nation. We understand that not everybody will be able to send their children back to school this year, so in the month of May I pray and the spirit of God lay on my heart to look at orphans particular from the Ebola crisis.”

Pastor Mason has pledged his church’s commitment to decentralize the program in other parts of the country in the near future. Pastor Mason described education as a vital key and bedrock of any nation and as such called on other Liberians and institutions to emulate the Christ Embassy and other organizations which are involved with similar program.

Pastor Mason stressed that if Liberia must rapidly recover from its under-development, the education of every child must be taken seriously.

For his part, the vice President of the National Ebola Survival Network of Liberia, T. Randall Varney, expressed gratitude to the Christ Embassy Church describing the initiative as a milestone progress and first time for its members in the country.

Randall wants beneficiaries’ relatives to utilize the opportunities as a way of improving the lives of their children.

Mr. Randall also pledged the Network’s commitment to working with orphans by monitoring and evaluating them to ensure that the resources are not abused by beneficiaries.

He disclosed that the organization is currently operating in over ten counties with over five thousand survivals and ten thousand orphans in the country.

Mr. Varney also pleaded with Christ Embassy to extend the program in order to assist other needy orphans. Mr. Varney also disclosed that the network and orphans in the past have been used by individuals and organizations to enrich themselves’ something which he said is critically being considered by its partners and leadership.

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