“Resign Or Be Fired” – IREDD Asserts, Calls for Minister Tweh Immediate Dismissal


The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD), has called for the immediate dismissal of the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel Tweah.

Giving its position on the ‘Missing 16 Billion Liberian Dollars’ saga, IREDD said, it is baffled by the ‘high degree of misinformation’ coming from the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel Tweah, and the former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Milton Weeks, denying Information Minister L. Eugene Nagbe’s earlier claim on the reported L$16 Billion saga.

IREDD further said it is deeply troubled and concerned about the statement issued by the Government of Liberia through its information Minister, Len Eugene Nagbe, on September 18, 2018, on the Voice of America (VOA) that over 15 Billion Liberian Dollars is ‘missing.’

Presenting the organization’s official position on the reported missing money saga, IREDD Program Manager, Bob Johnson, said not only this revelation a grave concern, and tantamount to labeling Liberia as a ‘rogue nation”, the statement from Finance Minister Tweah also undermines the investigation committee set up by the President of Liberia, George Maneh Weah.

“We believe that Minister Tweah’s statement is a cleaver attempt to throw dust in the eyes of Liberians and have us blindfolded”. Mr. Johnson asserted.

He added: “If the Minister of Finance who manages the fiscal policy of our economy can categorically debunk the previous admittance made on the Voice of America by the Information Minister Len Eugene Nagbe that billions brought into the country vanished in thin air in the absence of concrete outcome from the ongoing investigation, then the Minister of Finance leaves us with no option but to believe that there is a sinister motive to conceal information about the missing billions”

Similarly, Johnson said, on account of former central bank governor, Milton Weeks that they, (Central Bank) received authorization to print 5 billion and 10 billion respectively from the legislature, IREDD challenges the central bank of Liberia to display the resolution authorizing the central bank to print additional 10 billion Liberian Dollars apart from the initial 5 billion authorizations.

“We also call on the President to relieve Finance Minister Tweh of his position as Minister of Financeon account of undermining the investigation” IREDD urges.

In conclusion, the group  calls for calm and entreat all citizens to give the government the opportunity to come up with its investigation findings, noting “Also, we want to caution the government for the investigation not to be “Business as Usual”.

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