LINSU Ignores Court’s Injunction As New Officials Get Elected On White Ballots

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The Leadership of the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU) Saturday, September 29, 2018 held elections for new corps of officials despite a Civil Law Court’s Injunction on the process.

The Writ of injunction was issued Friday, September 28, 2018 by the court after some aggrieved members of LINSU petitioned the court to place a stay order on the electoral process.

The group of aggrieved LINSU members led by Presidential Aspirant Ernest Duku Jallah accused the Students Union Leadership of stage-managing the elections to put in individuals of their choice against the wishes of the entire students body.

According to them, the Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) of LINSU failed to conduct the elections in keeping with the union’s constitution.
They accused the LINSU Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) of failing to issue electoral guidelines and refused to accept nominations from members the CPC perceived as oppositions to the outgoing leadership led by Varney Jesse.

They said the CPC failed to publish information about the elections and did not consider the period provided for nomination in the constitution.

According to the LINSU constitution, “The candidature period shall begin at least a year before the Congress. Interested member organization should submit their nominations to the Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) at least two (2) months before the Congress. The congress preparatory committee must inform the eligible candidates at least two (2) weeks before the Congress”.

These were not done, as news of the conduct of elections came three days to the poll as a surprise to many of the stakeholders of the National Students Union.

A student of the University of Liberia (member of LINSU) Annie Freeman told The Monrovia Time Newspaper that most of them were not in the know of the conduct of elections.
She said the entire process was fixed by some individuals who don’t want to see LINSU in peace.

“Why are they keeping the information about the elections to themselves? Is it a secret election?” Ms. Annie asked.

At a National Administrative Council (NAC) sitting two Fridays ago, at the SKD Sports Complex, Executives and heads of the County University Students drafted and signed a resolution in which they stated that the CPC will come up with the timetable for the election whenever it got finance to hold the elections.

But, surprisingly, the CPC called for the holding of elections without publicity or information to the Press as was expected.

The aggrieved LISNU members even accused the CPC of been under the control of Varney Jesse and some higher-ups in government.
Ernest Duku Jallah in an interview said he was denied from participating in the process by the CPC without any justification.

He said the LINSU executives refused to receive the Writ of Injunction from the Sheriff when the court agent met them, before a member of the National Administrative Council and the NEC received the writ from the Sheriff.

The recipient of the Writ of Injunction Cuttington University College Students Union President Ernest Kpoo, was reportedly denied from entering the election hall at the UL-Fendell Campus.

According to Ernest and other aggrieved members, they were chased out of the vicinity of the election by other students wearing militant outfits.
Reacting to the allegation, the Chairman of the Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) James Jallah said there was no injunction received by his committee or any LINSU executives.

He also said those crying foul did not follow the electoral guideline and the constitution in their nomination process. However, the committee failed to provide a copy of the elections guideline it says it issued.

At the Fendell campus LINSU election, all the officials were elected on a white ballot. It is not clear as to what will be the action of the Civil Law Court concerning this matter.

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