Mayor Koijee Emphasizes Reconciliation Among Liberians Instead Of War Crimes Court


The Mayor of Liberia’s Capital Jefferson Koijee has stressed the need for Liberians to put aside their differences and reconcile for the forward march of the country.

He noted that the establishment of a War crimes court is not timely for the country while emphasizing that a genuine reconciliation will heal the wound of the fourteen years of civil conflict in Liberia.

The Mayor comment comes in the wake of mounting calls by Liberians both home and abroad for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court.

Koijee a one-time lead campaigner for the establishment of War Crimes Court, indicated that the uninterrupted election of War Lords including Senator Prince Johnson demonstrate the people’s trust for reconciliation.

He said though he does not support the atrocities committed against the people of Liberia by these men but noted that there are other pressing needs of the poor people that need to be addressed.

“if we as a nation and people can look after and direct our resources for the well being of those who lost their lives in the Ebola crisis and forget about going after people who are kingmakers in the country; I think this will help us greatly and better us as a people.”

Speaking further Mayor Koijee announced that the City government will shortly engage into agriculture activities that will help give young people hope and jobs to do.

He said the MCC has identified areas within the City to grow rice that will name as “Monrovia Rice”.

He added that this initiative is intended to reduce the consumption of imported food on the Liberian market and also get the young people working in the area of agriculture.

Speaking on the weekend in Monrovia the youthful Mayor then urged the young people to put all hands on deck and rally support for the success of the Weah administration.

He noted that it is unfortunate to hear young people calling on international partners to place an Economic sanction on the country.

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