“Take Drastic Decision If, Those Linked To Investigation Are Found Guilty” Archbishop Isaac Winker Tells President Weah


The Bishop of the Dominion Christian Fellowship has charged President George Weah to take a drastic stance in order to eradicate corruption from the Liberian society.

Bishop Isaac Winker said a tougher measure is required to put an end to the menace of corruption and save the good image of his administration and the country.

Commenting On the investigation of the alleged disappearance of 16-billion Liberian dollars, the Liberian prelate urged the president not to allow the outcome of the investigation to be bury because of personal relationship.

According to him, in order for the president to succeed there is a need that he transitions from the old order and uproot alter corruption for the betterment of the ordinary people.

Speaking Sunday at the Dominion Christian Fellowship in Monrovia, upon the return of the President from the recently held UN General Assembly in the United States of America, the Liberian clergyman further admonished the President to seek the face of God in dealing with issues that are counterproductive to the country’s growth and development especially the alleged missing billions of Liberian dollar bank notes.

He added that “By seeking the face of God for direction especially when a dent has been placed on the integrity of the country, it is also equally importing for a decision coming from the ongoing investigation surrounding the missing money be void of any interference.”

He then urged the President not to be moved by unnecessary criticism from some members of the public.
He mentioned that the success of the Weah administration will be measured by results that borders on the survival and betterment of the poor people in the country.

“It is now time that this country moves from the old order where a few groups of people will acquire unto themselves the natural resources that should benefit the majority of the people for their personal enjoyment.”

Bishop Isaac Winker has at the same time admonished Liberians to believe in the ability of President George Weah as head of state.

He said trusting the ability of the President will also give him the zeal to go the extra mile by doing more to shift the lives of the ordinary people in the pro-poor agenda.

“The Bible calls for us to support our leader(s) and give them the necessary respect; even if, when we differ on issues that seem not to be in our interest at a certain point. We should always recognize that they are our leaders.” He intoned.

He noted that rallying the needed support around the President should be a national concern for all Liberians and never about party politics (line).

He averred that the failure of Weah-Taylor administration will be a reflection of all Liberians be it opposition or non-opposition in the country.

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