Former Information Minister Dr. Lawrence Bropleh Frown On CBL For Obstructing Ongoing Investigation


Former Information Minister Dr. Lawrence Bropleh has described the CBL statement as an obstruction to the ongoing investigation about the alleged disappearance of 15-billion Liberian dollars.

On Tuesday, the Central Bank of Liberia through its Governor Nathaniel Patray rubbished news of missing money from the country thereby calling on the government to uplift travel restriction on those linked.

Governor Patray also added that records of the CBL show that the total amount of money printed and placed in the reserve vaults of the Bank was L$15.5billion for the period of 2016-2018.

The Former MICAT Boss stressed that such revelation from the Bank has the propensity to undermine the investigation.

“I think it would have been prudent enough if the CBL had submitted her report to the investigation team in order to aid the process rather than coming up with such revelation”

He added that the CBL Governor statement further preempts the ongoing investigation. Dr. Bropleh said conflicting statements coming from officials of government couple with travel restriction make one to reason that there is more confusion.

Commenting further, Dr. Bropleh called on the President to be strong and resolute in fighting corruption.

He said if the President is afraid of people because of watch hunt he won’t make any progress in administration.

However, Dr. Bropleh also frowned on the information arm of the CDC led government describing it as weak.

“One of the main problems I think affecting this government is the issue of information dissemination regarding policy driven matter.”

He observed that government’s failure to properly manage the news of the missing currency triggered outburst within the public.

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