Senator Cooper Provides L$25,000 Monthly Stipend To Kakata City Police

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Margibi County Senator, Oscar A. Cooper has begun providing a monthly stipend of twenty-five thousand Liberian dollars L$25,000 to the City Police of Kakata City.

Mr. Gabriel Nyumah, Administrator in the Office of the Senator presenting the first L$25,000 to the City Police for the month of September recently, said the gesture was triggered by the hard work and services the group continues to provide in the City.

Mr. Nyumah said the Senator has seen the work and effort applied by the City Police in keeping the City of Kakata clean and in order on a daily basis.
According to him, the amount given by the Senator to the group is not a pay but compensation or a way of telling them thanks for the services they are rendering the City.

He on behalf of Senator Cooper thanked the Kakata City Police for keeping the City safe and regulating the people of Kakata on a regular basis.

For his part, the Director of the Kakata City Police; S. Bickson Mondeh described the gesture as an unexpected and welcoming initiative that the Senator has embarked on.

Mr. Mondeh indicated that it was one morning his team without a prior notice to the Senator visited his home and started brushing and when the Senator saw them he got concern as to what they were doing.

The Kakata City Police Director said he in response told the Senator that his group went to visit him but Hon. Cooper said the group did not inform him about the visitation.

“We took upon ourselves and went to his place and started working, that morning he saw us he said wow what you guys are doing we say chief we came to visit you but he said no you have to inform me and we say no we don’t have to inform you because you are a father so we just have to come unknown to you” he narrated.

He explained that the Senator then accepted and appreciated them and said he will do his best to augment their strength and make them look good. Mr. Mondeh said he was proud and delighted to have received money from the Senator because it was unexpected.

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