The Speaker of Liberia National Children Representative Nominated for International Children’s Peace Prize in South Africa

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The Speaker Liberia National Children Representative Forum Jutomue Doetein has been nominated for the November 20, International Children’s Peace Prize award in South Africa.

Speaker Jutomue Doetein was nominated recently by the Youth Coalition for Education (YOCEL) and his name forwarded to kids Rights International.

Kids Rights International organize this event every year to recognize the effort of a child rights advocate who has done exceptionally well in their respective country.

Additionally, Kids Rights International has 121 child rights advocate competing for the prize of this year from different countries.

Speaking in an interview with The Monrovia Times Doetein said his nomination is based on the work he is doing in the country including speaking on behalf of Liberian Children, advocating to end violence against children and calling for children participations in the national decision-making process.

The Liberian Children Representative Forum Speaker boastfully said his work for children in Liberia has been seen in all quarters of the Country, adding that the impacts he has made by means of taking actions like petitions, press conferences, campaigns and stakeholder’s engagement shows how important it is for he and the children of Liberia to be recognized by the world.

The 17-year-old child right advocate said speaking out for the underprivileged children of Liberia has brought international attention to his advocacy, noting that he campaigned during the country’s turbulent electoral periods for peace and protection of children.

The Speaker alleged that he has witnessed and experienced the devastating injustices suffered by children during this time, including child abuse and violence, child rape and the conscription of child soldiers.

Doetein said he has campaigned against children being forced into child labor or prostitution in order to support themselves and their families.
He said in 2017, he lobbied against the decision of the Liberian Senate to amend rape law, making it a billable offense. He publicly called upon the Senate to make the court accessible and provide rape victims with proper medical attention and protection.

“I’m hoping that in the future I can work for the UN or a foreign agency to continue advocating for the rights of children, young people and women, and I want to create a children’s parliament to empower the children of Liberia.”

Speaker Doetein has vowed to continue advocating for the promotion of children rights in Liberia, to end violence against them because they are the future builders of Liberia.

He said it is unfortunate as a child rights advocate to listen to the radio, watch television, and see the rights of children violated on a daily basis.

“Some violence perpetrated against Liberian Children that I have watched in Liberia includes the following: Rape, a sexual violence that happens every day in Liberia, unfortunately, those who make the laws sometimes are alleged of abusing the rights of Liberian Children.”

Children Speaker said Corporal punishment is another violence practice against children in Liberia, this kind of issue mostly comes from the interior or rural areas of Liberia, where parents do not have an idea on the rights of children neither laws like the United Nation Convention on the rights of a child and other legal instruments.

Additionally, children participation hasn’t been promoted in Liberia, this happens locally and nationally, adding that they have advocated strongly for children participation in Liberia because they are highly affected by adults actions.
He said sadly the implementations of Laws, Policy, and legal instruments gear toward protecting the rights of children have been a serious problem in ending violence against Liberian Children.

“We will continue to advocate on behalf of the less fortunate and highly marginalized children of our society, we will not give up until a better world for children is come.”

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