SUP Slams CBL Statement Over Million Billions – Reemphasizing an International Independent Investigation


The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) of the University of Liberia has categorically termed recent statement issued from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) over the missing billions as irrationally abominable and inherently flawed.

SUP is a vanguard political student group which speaks in the interest of the masses and has existed over several decades.

CBL stated recently in a press conference that there is absolutely no missing money as it is being alleged in some quarters of the country while asking for the lifting of travel bans on its employees as a means to boost the smooth operation of the bank.

The bank internal assessment showed that between 2016-2018, all monies printed under its authority were brought into the country and it has no record of any monies that have not been delivered into its vault.

However, Governor Partay clarified that contrary to Min. Eugene Nagbe’s assertion that monies were printed in several countries, records from the Swedish firm ( Crane) contracted to print the money show that the company delivered L$15.5 billion through the Freeport of Monrovia and the Roberts International Airport during the period.

SUP, in a release, stated that it is unfortunate for government functionaries to continuously give conflicting information amid an ongoing investigation into the saga.

“The evil pursuit on the part of this government to misrepresent the facts continues to backfire and undermine the progressive nature of any independent investigation that may be ongoing. SUP refutes the latest stamen from the Central Bank of Liberia and call for the immediate arrest of all CBL employees who have been barred from traveling out of the country as a result of their link with this corruption scandal”, the release said.

The release quoted SUP chairman Butu Levi as saying that attempts by the Weah-led government to manufacture new lies and falsehood surrounding what they termed as the mysterious vanishing of L$16billions of the Liberian people money will be resisted by the citizens.

“The government must abort its disingenuous plan of lying in broad-daylight about these missing billions, Weah and his administration must account for the people’s money now”, the statement declared.

“In the opinion of SUP, the press release by the CBL that no money is missing can better be termed as a sarcastic drama of fantasy that is tied to inherent contradictions and flaws which will provoke public discontent nationwide”, the release averred.

SUP also condemned Pres. Weah recent statement upon his arrival from the UNGA, stating that it has the propensity to undermine the ongoing investigation,

“The countless number of contradictions has rendered this government inconsistent, dishonest and non-credible”.

However, the group reemphasized the urgency for the international community to ensure an independent international forensic investigation which they believe has socio-economic and security consequences of not handled with caution.

Additionally, the group alarmed over death threats against the life of its Secretary-General and Chair of the Concern Citizens United to Bring Our Money Back Martin Kollie.

September 24, 2018, COCUBOMB staged a protest in demand of the reported missing billions and petitioned the international community especially, EU, US Embassy, ECOWAS, AU and the United Nations to withhold all support until the investigation is completed.

Since the protest, SUP alleged that there are reports that the government is also pressuring authorities of the University of Liberia to arbitrarily expel Martin Kollie for unknown reasons,

“SUP will resist in all forms and any attempt by GOL and UL to hatch this devilish plot. Comrade Martin Kollie has done nothing wrong to be targeted in such manners those who stole the money must be the real targets”, the release noted.

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