John Cole Names Employee Of The Month At LFA AS Raji Begins New Era At The FA


The New President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Mustaphai Raji has begun his own era of running Liberian Football with a new level of enthusiasm for employees of the Football House.

Mustaphai Raji’s first month as President of the Liberia Football House saw the reawakening of the motivation and enthusiasm for staffers or employees of the LFA.

Mr. Raji used his first month not to only analyze the problem at the football house, but also the working conditions and attitudes of employees at the LFA.

Having been informed about the challenges faced by workers of the entities, he promised to award $50.00 USD to the best employee of the month and distributes a bag of 100kg rice to each employee as a sign of motivation and encouragement.

At the Weekend, John Cole, a member of the Operation Department at the LFA became the first recipient of the Employee of the Month Award after he was voted by his workmates as the best employee of the month (September).

The LFA President said, seeing the economic situation in the country at the moment, the salaries of the employees may not be enough to cater to their respective families, as such giving them some extra benefits at the end of each month will help in some way.

Each of the employees will take home a bag of 100kg rice to their families at the end of each month according to the new LFA Boss.
Mr. Cole chopped his $50.00 USD at the weekend and expressed gratitude to the new LFA President and commended his workmates for selecting him for the award.

He said it was a surprise for him when he was named the Best Worker for the month among several other committed hard workers.
John Cole, one of the longest-serving employees at the LFA said the award gives him more energy to step up his performance at the entities.

Besides the monthly benefits to the employees, the new LFA President and his Executives have begun a series of measures aimed at improving all aspect of Liberian Football.

These include the setting up of various committees to check on the problems affecting Liberian Football and ways the issues can be addressed.

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