Representative Gray Briefs Members of European Parliament On Liberia’s Progress – Emphasizes Nation’s Stability

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Liberia’s Head of delegation to the African, Caribbean and Pacific European Union (ACP-EU) Parliament has reiterated before his colleagues in Europe that his country remains peaceful and stable despite challenges faced as a post-war nation.

“The Republic of Liberia political situation is stable as expected based on democratic and collective reconciliation factors. In recent times, the government of the Republic of Liberia for the first time (in our nation’s political history) allowed protesters under the banner of newly emerged civil society groups and key political parties to openly demonstrate and present the grievances on national issues.

“We stand in solidarity with the concern raised by our colleague from Burkina Faso on the issue of security in his country but we must be quick to point out that Liberia like neighboring Sierra Leone having graduated from years of bloody civil crises continues to maintain peaceful coexistence on national security issues. Liberia is stable domestically and continues to maintain its regional responsibility to peace and security in the ECOWAS region,” the Montserrado County District # 8 Lawmaker said during his address to the EU Parliament.

Addressing his colleagues at the EU Parliamentary assembly in Brussels, the Liberian vocal lawmaker noted, that in furtherance with the current government’ quest to maintain a stable, free and just society, the President has also signed into law an Act decriminalizing free speech by protecting the media.

He stressed that in addition to the decriminalization of free speech, the government of President Dr. George M. Weah also approved legislation aimed at decentralizing government’s functions and at the same time enhancing fair distribution of land across the nation.

Touching on the ongoing saga back home, Hon. Gray said the government in response to the allegations, set up an independent investigative committee to probe into the matter. He noted that in addition to said decision, the government requested the United State Government for the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into the matter.

“The government also sought the involvement of the International Monetary Funds (IMF) and other international actors so as to find a swift and transparent conclusions to the public concerns.

“His Excellency President George M. Weah, Sr. has vowed to act on the outcome of the investigation and at the same time reassuring the people of Liberia and international partners of his quest to protect the country’s economy and wellbeing of the state,” he said.

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