Gbarpolu Caucus Leadership Tussle Heightens – As Rep. A. Kaine Wesso Stresses Coordination In County Caucus


The tussle over the leadership of the Gbarpolu County Caucus has heightened over the last few months since the inception of the 54th National Legislature in 2018.

Caucus members of the county are yet to form its leadership to confront developments in the county.

The county has over the last two fiscal periods forfeited its county development funds in the sum of 400,000USD due to the lack of the holding of a county sitting. The County held its last sitting in 2015.

According to the approved budget law section 9, the chair of the caucus must chair the county sitting as a means to coordinate views of the citizens on developmental progress. The Budget law also emphasizes the need to present previous report on county resolutions and projects implemented to allow the disbursement of funds for the fiscal year relative to the county development.

According to the 2018/2019 budget, each county is given 175,000 USD prior to previous budget years of 200,000USD as County Development Funds.

Recently, the citizens through the superintendent wrote the caucus to speedily form the caucus as a means of fast-tracking developments in the county. The citizens urged the caucus members’ support in requesting the Ministry of Finance in the transfer of the CDF which is currently in the escrow account to the Gbarpolu County Development Account.

In a press statement on October 11, 2018, District #2, Representative A. Kaine Wesso urged his colleagues to put aside political differences and unite for the better good of the people of the county.

“This means, as I speak the Gbarpolu County Legislative Caucus has not organized itself to place the people in leadership positions to have a sense of direction as to how it can serve as a beacon of hope for the people of Gbarpolu land”.

He underscored the trust and believe imposed in them as policymakers of the county hence there is a need for proper coordination to meet the needs of the people through development.

“These goals cannot be achieved in the absence of a well-defined leadership structure within the Gbarpolu Legislative Caucus and we cannot afford to disappoint our people by our failure to organize ourselves as lawmakers”, the statement indicated.

“I am humbly appealing to my colleagues of the legislative caucus to see all reasons to quickly hold a caucus meeting and set up a leadership structure to engender a holistic development of Gbarpolu County”, the release noted.

Rep. Wesso in his statement mentioned that while various counties of Liberia are gearing up to hold county and move developments, Gbarpolu County is lagging behind with caucus leadership tussle.

“Sadly to note Gbarpolu County may not be represented at the up-coming County Sitting, due to the lack of Leadership structure”.

The failure of the caucus to form its leadership and be represented at this year’s sitting will hinder development and stalls unfinished projects in the county.

Gbarpolu County like other counties is struggling with inaccessible road connectivity which has hampered massive development and shattered livelihood over the period. A county with huge green forest lacks basic social services and parts of the county are usually cut off during the rainy season due to bad roads. Farmers in the county have complained over the inaccessibility of roads to enable them reach produce to the market for profit making and survivability.

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