Fuamah Vocational Training Institute Insight-As VP Taylor In Partnership With NetLib Vocational Training Institute Breaks Ground

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The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor in partnership with NetLib Vocational Training Institute has broken ground for the construction of the Fuamah Vocational Training Institute in Bong Mine, Bong County.

Speaking during the exercise in Fuamah District Lower Bong County over the weekend, Vice President Taylor said the Fuamah Vocational Training Institute will offer skill training program for the young people of Fuamah District and its environs.

VP Taylor averred that the Institute will have agriculture component, component that will enable the young people to access job at China Union when the Company resume work as there will be lots of opportunities. The Vice President disclosed that some people need technical skill especially strong young people.

She narrated that there are thousands of young people who need vocational skill and as such; she has been on the back of the CEO of NetLib Vocational Training Institute asking as to when the project will kick-off.
According to her, the need to establish Vocational School in Fuamah District started in 2013 when she visited NetLib Vocational Training School in Monrovia.

The Vice President disclosed that since then, she has talked to China Union about the project for years but nothing has been done by the Company regarding the issue as such, she cannot continue to wait before people see her as liar stating that she is not prepared to wait for this 2018.

VP Taylor added that a few weeks ago she spoke with the leadership of the Company on the same issue but she was told that they have some difficulties on grounds that they are trying to resume operation thus promising to join her later.

The Liberian leader further stated that she is not undertaking the project for any political reason but said the President Pro-poor agenda includes support to young people to obtain skills for which they can work.
The Vice President said she believes that they can begin with the process because if skill training is provided, even those that are in high school can make use of it expressing hope that the facility can be expended. She intoned that even though the project has been delayed, she was excited that it has started.

She said it takes the young people to decide that they want to go to school as it is their effort that will help them build the Liberia that everyone wants to see.

The Vice President asserted that the construction of the Fuamah Vocational Training Institute is in fulfillment of a promised that was made by her. She said the Institution will be opened and turned over to the people of Fuamah and what they will do with it will be left with them.

She said the facility can be expended and more programs can go on in the area but it depends on what the citizens can do. VP Taylor meanwhile thanked her partners and sponsors for the support they are providing to the initiative.

She then urged the young people of the District to take advantage of the opportunity being provided for them by her office and other partners.
Speaking earlier, the CEO of the NetLib Vocational Training Institute Abdullah Kamara said the cost of the project is approximately one hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars (US$150,000).

Mr. Kamara said what will be constructed in Fuamah will be a modern building that will have a status in Bong County. He noted that school will be able to host about 250 students simultaneously following different kinds of programs.

He added that the building will contain practical rooms and theoretical classes where the students will be taught on the blackboard and also learning how to make things with their hands.

The NetLib Vocational Training Institute CEO disclosed that the reason the Vice President said she wanted Vocational School is for the Bong County not to be left behind with development.

He revealed that his Institute intends to introduce several program at the Fuamah Vocational Institute, but said he will seek the input of the local authority of Fuamah District through the Vice President in order for them to let him know which other areas they think is important for the development of Bong County, so that the right teachers and right skills can be found.

“You will see some white teachers coming here some time, to come help to teach our teachers and even our young people in different areas; so we looking at masonry, electrical, plumbing, tie and dye, drafting, soap making as well as women empowerment.

Mr. Kamara indicated that when the building is being completed, the programs will begin very soon noting that the Vice President is working with them and that they have tables, chairs and desks brought from Europe and are currently at the Free Port of Monrovia.

He used the occasion to thank Vice President Taylor for choosing his Institute to partner with for the project. He meanwhile, assured the Vice President his Institute will make sure that her dream is fully achieved and at the same time promised to contribute to the development of the County especially Lower Bong.

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