Liberia Children Representative Forum Wants Government Closed Down “More Than Me Academy”


The Liberia Children Representative Forum has called for the immediate closure of an American Based NGO “More Than Me” while recommending the prosecution of the head of the institution.

“More Than Me Academy” is a US based NGO school in Liberia that was established in 2009 by founded by Katie Meyler with the aim of helping to get girls from the street in school.

Following the establishment of the school, it is reported that the Co-Founder of the Institution Macintosh Johnson has been in the business of raping young girls below the ages of eleven (11) under the hoax of offering them scholarship.


Eye Witnesses and Court Document further revealed that some of the girls who were raped later got pregnant and was threatened by Macintosh Johnson that he could take them off the scholarship, an attempt on their part to expose him.


Macintosh Johnson who is believed to have died from AIDS, devilish deeds was brought to the attention of the Public by the Media with report that many of the victims are positive.

The founder and proprietor of the school is quoted as saying “the number of girls who were raped at the More Then Me academy  could have been a quarter of the school, everyone over the age of 11” can you imagine the huge numbers of girls who have been victimized.”


The Liberia Children Representative believed that rape and other violence against Children in Liberia has turn to a culture, practiced by many Liberians especially some private and public schools, including an American based institution known as More Than Me ACADEMY.

Jutomue Doetin, speaker of the Liberia Children Parliament told The Monrovia Times that it does not accept the recent apology of the head of the More Than MeSchool terming her statement as pretentious and boisterous.


He argued that there is no way Madam Katie Meyler can convince the public that she does not know anything about the issue while describing it as a calculated attempt to destroy the future of the Girls of Liberia in the name of helping sent girls to school.

According to the Children’s Law of Liberia article three sections 9.1 every child shall have the right to education, while article 34 of the United Nations Convention on the rights of a Child states that Government shall protect children from sexual abuse.

This act carryout by More Than Me is alarming and needs national Government instant intervention. Violence against women and girls is on the increase, and if nothing can be done, vast majority of the children, women and girls of Liberia will lose hope in life, and might not contribute to the growth and development of Liberia, instead will be liability to society.

Doetin is at the same time recommending to government that the ”More Then MeSchool be Close and stop operation in Liberia.


Provide Medical for all victims 

Work in collaboration with the American Government to prosecute the founder of the More Than MeAcademy for her NGO destroying the future of Liberian Girls, since Macintosh Johnson is dead.


To take over 19 schools placed under the control of the founder of more than me Academy in 2017, a contract which shall have ended in 2021.

We like to call on schools administration where such act has been carryout to immediately stop, because it is against the rights of a child, and a serious violation of human rights.” He noted

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