COCUBOMB Calls For Weekly Update From International Forensic Investigative Team

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A group under the banner Concerned Citizens United to Bring Back Our Money has urged the international institutions charged to probe the disappearance of 16-billion to provide a weekly update to the people of Liberia as the investigation unfolds.

The group noted that such update will erase public speculation and reinstate confidence about the investigation process.

Martin Kollie, the head of COCUBOMB told a news conference Monday that they will remain engaged with all international partners to ensure full accountability of the missing sixteen billion Liberian dollar bank notes.

He, however, lauded the international community for standing with the people of Liberia in pursuit of public accountability and transparency.

He stressed the need that the international forensic investigation team conducts a comprehensive audit of the past and present government so as to ascertain to real facts.

He disclosed by calling on the ordinary people to exercise restraint as the international community independently investigate.

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