To Advance Women’s Leadership and Participation in Liberia Amb. Endee Calls for an Open Sheroes Liberian Chapter


Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Julie Endee has urged for an open Sheroes Foundation in the midst of promoting women’s participation at leadership levels in Liberia, African and the world.

Madam Julie Endee statement comes in the wake of the grand opening of a three day Sheroes Forum in Monrovia, with several international Sheroes consisting Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda, Zimbabwe former Vice President Joyce MOJURU, including Nigeria’s Vice President among others.

This year’s Sheroes forum focuses on ways to advance women’s participation and representation at all levels while it also seeks local governments to enact policies that would strengthen women’s empowerment in order to face the global and have a free space.

Several Liberian Sheroes were represented at the event, among them was Liberia’s Culture Ambassador.

Madam Endee stressed the need for Sheroes Foundation Liberia Chapter to involve all women void of affiliations, financial and religious status in order to achieve a goal for women’s advancement.

“The Sheroes Liberia Chapter should not be a clique foundation but an open foundation that will bring on board all of the local and young women in the country in order to give them the necessary opportunity and we the older ones must be mentors to them so that as when we leave the stage, the younger women will continue from where we stop and improve women leadership in the country.”

She reechoed Liberian women’s preparedness to foster greater partnership leading to advancing leadership and engendering equality for all,

“we the women of Liberia are very grateful to host the 2018 Sheroes forum in Liberian this means that we the women of Liberia are prepared to promote women empowerment through leadership”.

Madam Endee, however, encouraged Liberians to celebrate the peace in oneness with a focus of fostering national development stressing the maintenance of said peace that is being celebrated in the country.

Several speeches marred the 2018 Sheroes forum with a call from Liberia’s First lady Madam Clar Weah for joint efforts and strengthened policies to tackle women’s leadership growth locally.

Madam Clar Weah stated that in order to bridge the gender gap in leadership amongst women, there is a need for mentoring younger women.

For her part, Sheroes Foundation Liberia Chapter head, Rep. Munah Youngblood promised stronger networking and mentorship for emerging young women as a means to further mode future women leader.

Hon. Youngblood lauded Pres. Weah’s government intervention in ensuring gender equality thus providing the enabling environment for women’s representation and participation.

The International Sheroes Forum is held yearly to access gains made over the period towards its goal of advancing women’s issues on the continent. Sheroes Foundation was established in 2013 by women leaders to foster love among women and champion the cost for their rights. The foundation has awarded great and revolutionary women leaders from around the continent in an effort to ensure a continuous on gender, women and rights issues.

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