Witchcraft Activities Under Legislative Mirror – As Lawmaker Vowed To Introduce Bill To End Impunity Against Wizards


“Sometimes you will hear a person confessing that they are cause of the road not being constructed, they are the one who caused the death of a person, but those people have not been punished by any law,” Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry Younquoi intoned when he appeared on a local radio talk show in Monrovia recently.

According to the Nimba County lawmaker, the act of witchcraft has become widespread across the country and as such people who perform the act sometimes openly confess their actions, but nothing legally is done to punish them.

Witchcraft, according to the Webster dictionary, can be defined as any practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells and the invocation of spirits.

This practice, according to Nimba District# 8 lawmaker has over the year caused a serious setback for development in his county in particular and Liberia in general.

He attributed some the slowness of the country’s developmental drive to people who are deeply involved in black magic and spiritual divination.

“when those people confess and they face the law, it will help to put stop to the act of witchcraft activities in Nimba,” he maintained.

Representative Younquoi who was re-elected in last year election has promised to introduce a bill that will address the increasing practice of witchcraft activities upon the Legislature’s return from its annual break in January of 2019.

He pointed out that having a law to regulate witchcraft activities in Liberia through court hearing will be the best approach, rather than resulting in using concoction or “Sassywood”.

He vowed to vigorously lobby with his friends and those who believe in his ability to ensure that the issue of witchcraft activities in the Liberian society including in Nimba County are properly regulated through a law.

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