‘Madam Sirleaf Must Apologize To The Liberian People’ – Speaker Chambers Asserts


In the wake of the missing 15 billion debate that has sparked serious contention within the political sphere of Liberia, House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers has called on former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to render an official apology to the Liberian people for not telling them the truth about her involvement into the entire missing money saga.

According to Speaker Chambers, the former Liberian leader should be considered a person of interest into the missing money saga and must tell the truth as to what was her role into the printing of an additional 10 billion Liberian dollars bank notes when the legislature had previously authorized the printing of 5billion.

He said Former President Sirleaf must be held accountable for the printing of additional 10 billion which squarely contradicts the legislature July 19, 2017 communication that gives the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) the approval to print.

He wants the former Liberian leader who ran the political affairs of the country for twelve years to be held accountable for her actions and submit herself to the ongoing investigation of the missing 15 billion saga.

“We expect to have guardians from the former president so that Liberia will remain on the right path towards growth and development. I heard the former president the other day threatened that her son will resign. Just so she knows; her son is not the only person that knows the science of banking, there are many other people waiting to occupy the position,” Speaker Chambers told Legislative Reporters when he addressed a major press conference recently at his Capitol Building office.

Capitol Building is the official seat of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia.

The vocal Speaker who has been a longtime critic of Madam Sirleaf, also called on the former Liberian leader to save herself from the embarrassment she created for the Liberian people by saying that their president, George M. Weah do not know the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He argued that despite President Weah human limitations in terms of educational background and political experience, he understands the plight of his people and is determined to lift the country’s population out of poverty and economic deprivation; a problem he said, was created by Madam Sirleaf’s twelve years rule.

Speaker Chamber’s explains: “Madam Sirleaf know GDP when the Executive Mansion which was built in 3 years could not be renovated in 12years; if the former President knew GDP 66 concession out of 68 could not have been bad under her regime; if indeed she knew GDP Ebola wouldn’t have spread in this country, it would have stopped right in Lofa where it all started.”

He wants the former Liberian leader to also stop shielding her children by making specific reference to Charles Sirleaf, whom he claimed was part of the Central Bank Team that consistently visited the Capitol Building during the negotiation of the printing of the Liberian dollar bank notes.

He said all of the former president children are of age and can better explain themselves when called upon by the state as per their role in arising controversial issues.

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