Liberian Business (JY Store) Gutted By Fire In Trenton NJ.


A Liberian business located on Calhoun Street in Trenton, New Jersey was on Wednesday morning gutted by fire, burning at least half of the building and destroying thousands of dollars worth of goods.

Freezer that started the fire

Caprince Variety Market commonly known as JY store was set ablaze due to electrical shock from a freezer recently purchased on Amazon.

According to the Owner, commonly referred to as JY (Wah), he recently purchased a freezer from Amazon and had it installed in the back of the store, surprisingly the freezer caught fire and set the store ablaze.


“My brother ehn da God get this business you see so? Imagine something I purchased brand new on Amazon caught fire and if not for God, this whole place would have burned to the ground.” A disappointed JY told our reporter who visited the scene in his Liberian accent.


JY store is a Liberian owned business which sells grocery, seafood and other materials mainly from Liberia. The store provides Liberians the opportunity to have a taste of home whenever the craving kicks in by selling materials used mainly in Liberian Cuisine.


While at the scene, our reporter saw many Liberians troop in, only to be disappointed by the news that the store has been closed as the result of a fire.

The store is popular for catering to Liberians in the diaspora mainly New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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