Nimba United Appeal Suspensions On Coach Wreh and Two Players


Nimba United have taken an appeal against the suspensions of the Club’s head coach and two players.

The LFA recently handed a six month and one-year suspension each on Coach Christopher Wreh and players Michael Fahnbulleh and Darlington Pailey. The LFA said the three reportedly violated the 2018 National League rules and regulations.

According to the release, Coach Wreh and player Pailey allegedly insulted referee Christopher Nylander, while player Fahnbulleh assaulted a player of LPRC Oilers.

The incident occurred on September 26, 2018 during a league match between NUFC and LPRC Oilers at the Northstar Field.

The Mountaineers in a statement said the referee was misled to have believed that Coach Wreh insulted him.
The United’s statement further described Coach Wreh as a very quiet, humble, respectful and discipline sportsman and as such he would not have done such.

“All of us are aware that our coach is a very quiet, humble, respectful and very disciplined man. We all know he never insulted any of the match officials. The referee was misled to believe that Mr. Christopher Wreh our HEAD coach insulted the official which was not true nor correct,” the statement posted on the team’s official Facebook page added.

The Mount Barclay supported Club also added that the club was not offered a due process by the local FA.

The statement said: “Without been given due process, our head coach along with two of our defenders were all red-carded and suspended for six months and one year each respectively. This is wrong.

However, we still remain the best playing and most organized football club in the country despite the meager resources at our disposal”.

United, however, expressed regret over the attitude exhibited by player Michael Fahnbulleh during the game but said the punishment meted out against him was extreme.

“We agreed that one player misbehaved, player Michael Fahnbulleh and such behavior we will not condone though the player from LPRC OILERS exaggerated the situation by his reaction we are all in agreement that Michael Fahnbulleh should not have behaved in the manner and form that he did. We also think the punishment meted out against this player is actually extreme. On the other hand, we all know for a fact that Darlington Pailey never assaulted or insulted the referee,” the statement said.

Coach Christopher Wreh himself has denied any wrongdoing.

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