President George Weah Randered All Public Universities In Liberia Tuition Free For Undergraduate Students.

President George Weah has rendered all public Universities including the University of Liberia tuition-free institutions while pledging his government fullest commitment to invest in the Human capital of the country.

The new pronouncement by the Liberian is being seeing by many critics as one of the solutions to the many problems facing the University of Liberia.

The chief executive decision comes in the wake of series of protest by students of the University Liberia over the increment of tuition fee.

Speaking Wednesday on the main campus of the University of Liberia the President said students dropping out of school because of hike in tuition is counterproductive to the growth and development of the country.

He added by calling on students to take serious their education so as to build the infrastructure of the country.

The President noted that Education is the only way a nation and people can be successful adding that the new measure also entails that students should also abide in paying all other fee

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