ITF Sends Emissary To Liberia


The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has expressed concern over Liberia’s lack of participation in its youth tournaments.

The ITF says, despite the provision of material support to the Liberia Tennis Federation for the training of youth, Young tennis players from Liberia are not participating in the ITF youth games.

Because of this, the International Tennis Federation send its East and Central Africa Development Officer to Liberia over the weekend, to find out, just why Liberia is not competing at most of the International Youth Tennis tournament.

Thierry Ntwali visited some schools where the Liberia Tennis Federation says it is carrying on training for kids and later held discussions with Youth and Sports Ministry, the Liberian National Olympic and coaches and administrators of the local Tennis.

Following his meetings, Thierry Ntwali, a retired Rwandan Tennis Star told this The Monrovia Times that he did not have the opportunity to see kids playing tennis at the schools visited.

He said the ITF send him to Liberia to find out just why in the past six years Liberia has not been able to produce a young tennis star to play on the international stage.

Thierry Ntwali said the ITF has contributed many training materials to Liberia over the years. According to him, despite those materials, he found out that the Liberia Tennis Federation has other serious challenges which seems to be a hindrance to the growth of tennis.

He spoke about the lack of Tennis courts in the country to fast-track the training of Young Tennis players and the lack of financial support from the Liberian govt. to the sport.

He said he will present his findings to the World Body who will take action.
Meanwhile, when The Monrovia Times tried to speak with the leaders of the Liberia Tennis Federation, they said they were reserving comments.

Tennis sport has fallen in recent years in Liberia with the country not having representations in both youth and senior competitions.

On the local scene, not much tennis competition is heard of, except the Aminata Annual Tournament which comes on in December.

The Only national tennis court at the SKD Sports Complex lies in ruins at the moment, despite recent renovation by the Chinses.

The pictures of the tennis court at the SKD Sports Complex just after one year can further explain the situation.

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