Flight Problem Caused Liberia Amputees World Cup Hindrance

The Liberia Amputees Football team failed to reach Mexico to participate in this year’s World Amputees Football World Cup.

According to reports, the Liberian Amputees delegation got stranded in Accra Ghana after receiving visas on Friday. The team could not leave Accra before its first match on Sunday due to flight problem.

The Ghanaian Amputees delegation also failed to leave for the world cup due to flight issues. Both Liberia and Ghana were representing Africa and were due to play USA and Italy respectively on Sunday.

According to reports from Ghana, Liberia communicated the situation to the governing body of Amputees World Cup, but the World Amputees Football Federation is yet to respond to appeals from Ghana and Liberia to have their games push to a later date.

Meanwhile, the competition got off at the weekend with Nigeria Amputees suffering a 6-0 defeat at the hands of Brazil, while Angola whipped Ukraine 4-0.

Kenya lost 4-0 against Turkey.

Liberia Amputees are due to play their second match today, against Turkey.

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