Liberian Journalist Identifies with Disabled Community

Local News

Gloria T. Tamba, a young Liberian female journalist has identified with children of the disabled community by distributing food and non-food items including as part of her 24th birthday celebration in Monrovia over the weekend.

Ms. Tamba described the celebration as a worthy cost especially giving back to society,

“I could not have thought of a better way to celebrate my 24th birth anniversary than to identify with the disadvantaged in the Liberian society—putting smiles on the faces of the kids”.

Ms. Tamba celebrates her birth anniversary every October 28. Kids and the head of the Christian Association of the Blind (CAB) on the Robertsfield Highway were glad in receiving the items. CAB is headed by Mr. Beyan Kota.

The young media practitioner presented eight bags of 25kg rice, gallons of oil and other food items.

She said in the midst of the prevailing harsh economic realities, having an elaborate celebration would make no impact on society but to visit CAB and see how the kids are doing.

“Our disabled brothers and sisters are at the margin of the society and so we must come to visit and identify with them. This is the best way I thought to celebrate my birthday. I’m glad that we have come here to see you guys,” she noted when she made the donation.

Miss Tamba thinks that though every household is facing resource constraints, the less fortunate are feeling the deadliest shocked of the economic crisis.

“I would have loved to do better than what I’m doing here today, but I’m also a struggling young woman, I don’t have much but there is a need to help these people; the privilege in the society must come to their needs in times like these, They are in need of help at every step along the way,” she averred.

In brief remarks, Mr. Kota lauded her for thinking about the blind at such a critical time.

“We really want to appreciate you not really of the things you have brought, but as young as you are, having the slighted thought of coming to see us, I must appreciate you for your kind heart.”

He said there are many Liberians who are living comfortable lives but do not think about their brethren who cannot fend for themselves.

“God will truly reward Gloria. You are a humanitarian who knows where the needy are. We truly appreciate your gifts,” he said.

Mr Kota also enumerated some of the challenges that the center currently faces and call on others to follow the step of Miss. Tamba by extending a helping hand to the group.

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