“We Are Ready To Do The People’s Business” Speaker Chambers Tells Critics;


House Speaker Bhofal Chambers says all is now set for the House of Representatives to begin its long-awaited extra-ordinary session.

According to Speaker Chambers, reasons for the delay are predicated upon the body’s own arrangement processes and not because of division among members of the House of Representatives as speculated by critics.

He said the 54th Legislature especially the House of Representatives has over the last eight months demonstrated responsible leadership resilience by upholding the people’s interest in all of its legislation.

He described each member of the House of Representatives as agents of change who are bent on emancipating the country’s population from poverty to prosperity.

Speaker Chambers made these statements Sunday, October 28, 2018 following the conclusion of a one-day retreat held for Members of the House of Representatives.

“We want to tell you that, with great satisfaction all has been done to ensure that our service is in the best interest of the people of Liberia,”

Speaker Chambers told the press after members of the House of Representatives concluded its executive (behind close-door) session of the retreat.

“Basically, to do certain work the must be a framework to work within and those frameworks that was being designed is now satisfied; therefore, we are now prepared to carry on the people’s business starting on Tomorrow [Monday, October 29, 2018] which will be leadership meeting and Tuesday, October 30, 2018, we will officially reconvene,” he added.

Speaking during the official opening of the retreat, Nimba County Representative, Johnson Gwaikolo thanked members of the House of Representatives for showing up, stating that, it was necessary for the forward march of that legislative body.

Representative Gwaikolo who chaired the Retreat Committee, emphasized the importance of unity and how members of the Legislature, specifically from the House of Representatives, can champion developmental projects across the country.

He described the House of Representatives as a unique body that comprises of duly elected persons that can make, change or repeal any law or laws that may or may not be in the interest of the people.

“We are the significant part of the first branch of government, and the Honorable Speaker who is the head of the first branch of government is one of us. Therefore we must and should take our duties seriously”, he noted.

The Nimba County District # 9 lawmaker furthered reminded his colleagues of their responsibilities to their constituents, noting that, they are under moral obligations to deliver on their campaign commitments.

He added that after one year of their election it was necessary that they come together as a group to reflect on their performances and perhaps realign their thoughts and actions to champion national progress.

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