CDC Candidate John Weah Promises Improved Access To Health; Education And Women Empowerment


The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate in the pending Montserrado County District 13 By-election has vowed to enrich the district through full-scale women empowerment, quality health care delivery and improved educational system upon winning the vacant seat.

The by-election came as a result of Hon Saah Joseph election as senator in the senatorial by-election which was created as a result of the election of Pres. George Weah during the 2017 general and Presidential Elections.

Mr. John Weah Jr. participated in the 2011 elections accumulating 5,000 votes coming second to Hon. Saah Joseph.
Liberia’s National Elections commission accredited 14 candidates in the ensuing election which is slated for November 20, 2018. NEC data reveals that there are 35,000 registered voters.

According to Mr. Weah, there is a need to empower women and girls through microfinance in order to help cater to families and their children whom he believes will contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Mr. Weah stated in an interview with reporters in the district recently that the district lacks a quality educational facility for youths which poses a major challenge to the educational sector of the district.

“Now you see on the street most of our young boys have turned to zogos and it’s very frustrating so our programs will target those youths which will help us as a people”
“We intend to also construct a school in Topoe village which will cater the needs of other students especially in the battery factory belt that will ease the stress of coming to new Georgia to school.”

Market buildings which according to him is captured under his platform and direct projects to be implemented in this district.

Mr. Weah focus to enhance education in his district speaks to the hiring of more Mathematics and Science teachers to aid all 12graders in the district in an effort to prepare them for the country’s West African Examination Council exams.

“Every 12 grader in my district will benefit from this initiative because we want good results from WAEC and we will get there”.

Currently, district 13 has a public school, the Gabriel Kpolleh High School that caters to hundreds of students from several communities around the district.

He indicated the construction of three major markets with school annexes for kids whose parents are selling in the market in order to allow more kids to access education while in the market hall.

“if you were to visit the markets around our district you will find kids are sleeping under their parents market table while school is in session which is not healthy, the young generation needs to be educated to take over from us so the daycare school attached to the markets will help greatly”.

Mr. John Weah lauded Pres. Weah’s pronouncement on the Tuition Free initiative for all Public Universities around the country, noting that the move is intended to build a stronger educational sector and enrich the young people with quality education free of financial burden,

“We want more people from our district to take advantage of the president’s pronouncement to go and enrich themselves with a solid education to transform the society and let me thank the president once more”.

Mr. Weah however boasted of his ability to convince electorates to vote him during election while stating the need for reconciliation after election in the district to foster developments,

“I will bring the people together in my district after the election void our political affiliation because without them we cannot do the work”, he noted.

Mr. John Weah works track back with the renovation of hand pumps, bridges in Duan Town, Block ‘A’ Signboard Community and Courage Island among others in the district.

“Our works are visible in the district, we rehabilitated the St. Michael to Tusa Field road, New Georgia Junction to estate and additionally we did the completion of the New Georgia Health Center, renovation of the Gabriel Kpolleh School and the grand Breaking of the Tope Village Health Center and more are still coming”, he said.

District 13 consists of several communities is huge with population including, Batter Factory, Topoe Village, New Georgia among others which are situated on the Somalia drive.

Mr. John Weah is amongst 14 candidates most of whom are men with three women. NEC announced the official campaign period from Oct 17 to Nov 18, 2018. NEC indicated that the announcement of official results from the by-election is Nov. 25, 2018.

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