Magazine On UN-Liberia Partnership Launched

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Liberia’s longstanding relations with the United Nations has been brought to the spotlight through the launch of a News Magazine that profiles the contributions of heroes and Heroines who worked on the wings of the United Nations and contributed towards the development of Liberia.

The Magazine maiden edition, a brainchild of the Center for National Documents and Records Agency of Liberia (CNDRA) also provides a sober reflection on the impact of Liberia in the establishment of the League of Nations now the United Nations.

Addressing the formal launch in Monrovia, CNDRA Executive Director C. Neileh Daitouah said the magazine profiles key individuals including President George M. Weah’s contributions towards sustaining the peace of Liberia back in the days when he worked for UNICEF.

He said “this is a manifestation that CNDRA is the foundation and national mirror of the Republic of Liberia. The News Magazine is launched to create a platform that will look back and provide sober reflection on Liberia’s longstanding partnership with the United Nations since its formation and emerging from the League of Nations”.

“The significance of the launch of the CNDRA’s News Magazine is that it is the first ever since the establishment of the CNDRA, the National Archives of Liberia, by an Act of the National Legislature in 1977”, he stressed.

He mentioned “Additionally, the CNDRA’s News Magazine profiled President George M. Weah while serving as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and Peace Building in Liberia. It unveiled programs and plans of the CNDRA aimed at improving and modernizing the preservation machinery of the CNDRA for better service delivery and easy access to information when needed”.

“Most importantly, to redirect and attract the attention of the government of Liberia and international partners on the Agency, the National Archives of Liberia to the Nation and its people for which the requisite budgetary allocation must be allotted thereto for the implementation and support of the programs of the modernization of CNDRA”, he said.

Story By The Monrovia Times: Edward Blamo

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