Zogos To Petition President Weah – Promises A Drug Free Society

Over three thousands drug users from thirty-five ghettos in Liberia are expected to petition President George Weah about their commitment to make Liberia a drug free society.

The petition march which is coordinated by the West Africa Network of CSOs on Substance Abuse in collaboration with the Consolidated Youth for Peace & Development and the Association of Progressive Youth of Liberia is scheduled for November 12.

Speaking ahead of the event, some disadvantaged Youths stated that article 17 of the Constitution of Liberia guarantee their right to peaceful assembly.

Siah Gbolee and Micheal Dixson assure the people of Liberia that their plan protest will be peaceful and well-coordinated.

Also speaking, officials of WANCSA and COYPED called on the government to prioritize a rehabilitation center for these disadvantaged youth in the country.

According to them, the planned march is caption as Operation restores hope and it is also intended to showcase that Zogoes are Heroes.

James Koryour and Ruben Logan disclosed that Zogoes too can contribute to the Pro-Poor Agenda.

They intoned that Zogoes were instrumental in the election of President George Weah while urging the Liberian leader to seize the moral need to help these young people through the provision of a rehabilitation center.

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