MNG Car Allegedly Kill Four In Bong Leaving Residents Angry Over Company Working Conditions


Exclusive: Saye-Weh town in Kokoyah district Bong County was a scene of sorrows and weeping on the afternoon of Monday, November 5 as a vehicle belonging to a hired Chinese contracted company under the Turkish mining Company MNG-Gold allegedly killed four Persons instantly.

According to our sources, the motorcyclist whose name is withheld was climbing a hill with three other persons, a girl along with 2 boys, in Saye-Weh town at the same time the driver of the hired Chinese company under the MNG Gold mining company was driving down said hill when he rushed into them.

The driver escaped the scene over fear of being killed by angry mob as they set the TOYOTA land cruiser four doors pick-up belonging to the company on fire.

Our sources also have it that the people of Kokoyah statutory district the region where MNG Gold operates aren’t satisfied with the workings of the company.

Of recent, there have been reports of school going kids vomiting with blood and others substances as a result of a contaminated waste site constructed approximately three-minute walk away from the school campus.

This unprecedented vomiting of blood by school going kids around the affected areas led to the school administration immediately closing the school to the public as a means of saving the lives of the kids. Our sources also have it that few kids allegedly died as a result of air pollution.

Our sources have it that the local authorities of Bong including Senator Henry Yallah, Representative Albert Hill and Superintendent Esther Walker visited the area to ascertain the situation as it was reported in the local media in Bong.

Immediately after the departure of the County authorities, the school was reopened as four new cases of people vomiting with blood was reported our sources confirmed.

Months ago, MNG-GOLD again polluted all water sources in the affected communities with chemicals leaving our people health in the states of complete uncertainty.

Since the car killed the four persons, residents of the region gathered and break into the facility of the Gold Company and made way with several materials including computer, chairs among others.

The aggrieved residents threaten to beat anyone who would resist them from entering the compound of the Company’s operational site.

Our Bong County Correspondent says on this morning the Liberian National Police Bong Detachment deployed some arm officers in the area to do House to house search for those materials that were taken from the Company.

According to our Correspondent, some of the residents have been arrested and are currently in police custody. A representative of the company MGN Gold, could not be reach for further comment.

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