Neurosurgeons Pledge Partnership for Improved HealthCare Delivery


Monrovia- Several medical practitioners mainly Neurosurgeons, Nurses, and Technicians from the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) have arrived in the country to carry out a three-week surgical operation with complicated cases in Liberia. The team is expected to provide care and treatment including operation to more than 1,000 children, elderly among others.

The operation will kick off at the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita Nimba County where cases from across the country that has been screened will be processed for operation and treatment. Nerve Surgeries equipment were brought in by the team which will remain in Liberia for further operation to help save lives.

According to authorities at the JFD medical center, the surgeries will charge minimum fees for laboratories and CT scans which they considered as barely a free. Neurosurgeries around the world is hugely expensive.

During a welcome and consultative meeting at the Ministry of Information Culture Affairs and Tourism, Min. Eugene Nagbe lauded the team’s efforts for turning up to support the country’s healthcare system.

Min. Nagbe indicated the huge gap and ratio between patients to doctor in Liberia is some of the major factors hampering the system adding that the limited number of specialized doctors remains s challenge.

“The impact of your work will have a rippling infect on the citizenry and we are proud and delighted that you have come to save lives and help our people”.

He stressed the need for more Liberian doctors to specialize in areas of needs to the country which he believes will help improve the country healthcare delivery system.

Currently, Liberia has only one neurosurgeon assigned to a population of over 4million people and the citizens experience several nerves cases and are often press to travel miles for treatment and services.

Recently the government of Liberia opened a neurosurgical unit at the Jackson F. Doe Medical Center to cater to the needs of people with such specialized case. The unit is challenged with funding to secure equipment and staffer to start full-scale operation.

Speaking further, the president of the Korle-Bu Neurosurgical Foundation who is also a part of the delegation of surgeons stated the team is forging a partnership with Liberia in order to train more Liberians on the essence of neurosurgical works including ways to strengthen and support health practitioners carry out their work.

Dr. Marj Ratel noted that Liberians need to be encouraged to take up initiatives that will support the growth and development of the country

“Everybody can do something to support their country so you need to be inspired to get more of Mr. Nah Doe in Liberia and we will partner with you to build a sustainable program that will improve healthcare delivery in the country”.

She promised the return of the team to launch a healthcare delivery program in January 2019 to strengthen and build the capacities of Nurse and health workers in the provision of quality medical services to the people,

“If we just do the surgeries and leave today it will not be the only option and way to the people but we are returning in January 2019 to launch a project”.

Also Speaking, a Neuro Surgeon and Head of Delegation, Dr. Dan Miulli says there is a need for continuous education and teachings on ways people can live a healthy life.

“We are here to make this a sustainable program which will focus on a system of education, hygiene and public health”, he noted.

He pledged the KBNF team fullest support to save more lives during the three weeks of surgical operation exercise in Nimba County and other programs ahead

“Count on us to do more in this filed and we can even talk to medical students to inspire them to do more work and help their country produce more surgeons”.

Dr. Miulli thanked the government and people of Liberia for enabling the team to perform surgical works which will be meaningful to the healthy living of the people.

The Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation team members are from several countries including Nigeria, United States of America, and Sweden among others.

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