“Useless Legislature” Liberia Chief Imam Ali Krayee Brands National Legislature – Calls For Abolishment


Liberia’s Chief Imam Ali Krayee has launched a stinging attack on the National Legislature describing it as the most useless branch of Government.

Imam Krayee said the Liberian Legislature should be abolished because according to him, it has over the years been non-functional with no regard for the reasons of its establishment.

The Islamic prelate in an interview with reporters in Monrovia also branded the first Branch of government as a rubber-stamp body.

He noted that when the Legislature is abolished, it will allow the Executive branch of government to work freely in the interest of the ordinary people.

The Chief Imam has meanwhile blasted the current and past governments as a complete failure to the people of Liberia.

Article III of the Constitution of Liberia stipulates the functions of all three branches of government and how to carry out their functions based checks and balances.

The Chief Imam comment comes on the feet of what many pundits considered as controversial impeachment bill against Associate Justice Ja’neh couple with the missing of billions of Liberian dollar currency which edges on the integrity of the country and that body.

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